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Our classes follow the public school term calendar in each state. Classes are not run on public holidays and enrolment fees are adjusted to reflect sessions missed due to public holidays. 

You can join a class at any time during a term if there are spots free, and the website will only charge the remaining sessions of the term.

Term 1 dates

  • Commences Monday Jan 29th
  • Finishes Saturday April 14th
  • Tues/Wed/Thurs classes are 11 weeks long, Mon/Fri/Sat classes are 10 weeks long due to Easter weekend

Term 2 dates

  • Commences Monday April 30th
  • Finishes Saturday July 7th
  • All classes are 10 weeks long

Term 3 dates

  • Commences Monday July 23rd
  • Finishes Saturday September 29th
  • All classes are 10 weeks long

Term 4 dates

  • Commences Monday October 15th
  • Finishes Saturday December 22nd
  • All classes are 10 weeks long