Our Fun Club offers soccer coaching for children aged 2 to 5 years.

Using a variety of soccer skills and exciting games, we encourage a love of soccer at a young age in a fun and stimulating environment.

At this age every child has a ball and are introduced to skills such as dribbling and shooting, exploring their balance and confidence on the ball.

As well as offering quality soccer coaching, we wish to provide children with the opportunity to express themselves, and look at ways we can have a positive impact upon other important skills, such as co-ordination, teamwork and confidence. 

Free Trials:

Class info:

  • You can join a class at any time during a term if there are spots free, and the website will only charge the remaining sessions of the term.
  • Sessions are 45 mins long unless otherwise stated.
  • See our full timetable here: Port Stephens Timetable & Sydney Timetable

Soccer Matches: