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Academy coaching

Shoal Bay School

Our Academy offers soccer coaching for children aged 5 -12 years.

We educate them to the finer points of the game, developing important skills such as tactical awareness, positional play, attacking and defending. 

As well as developing soccer skills, our sessions are designed to progress other important skills, such as co-ordination, teamwork and confidence.

We also encourage them to display good sportsmanship and team spirit, learning from both winning and losing situations.

We also run girls only soccer classes to offer girls the opportunity to develop skills and coordination without being afraid of having to beat the boys. Surrounded by other girls it will ensure that they feel comfortable and grow within the program. 

Many children of this age are joining clubs and playing competitive matches. Our Academy is a great way to continue your childs skill development and support their learning all year round as well as during the soccer season. We also offer weekend soccer matches should you wish to combine training with matches all year round.

  • Contact us if you would like to come along for a trial session before committing to the term.
  • You can join a class at any time during a term if there are spots free, and the website will only charge the remaining sessions of the term.
  • Sessions are 45 mins or 60 mins long depending on the day / location.
  • Please note there is a compulsory uniform for our Sydney Academy classes, this can be purchased in our shop .

Soccer Matches:

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